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​He now visits twice a month to change water, chemically treat the system to make it perfect for the fish, redesigns the habitat appearance monthly. We have a monthly fee that is very reasonable for the time he spends - typically an hour or more, twice a month.

Our fish have been healthy 98% of the time. When problems did occur, Jason came the same day to treat fish and repair equipment when there was a problem endangering fish. When the population became incompatible with each other, he relocated bully fish to his company aquariums, and introduced appropriate replacements so that we would consistently have an interesting collection. Again, remember that this has been an ongoing relationship for over 5 years.
I can't recommend Jason Landers at 
"Aquariums For Life", highly enough. We look forward to many more years of enjoying his artistic and fish-centered work.
                         - Jay Clingman - Forest Acres

Jason has been providing aquarium design, establishment and twice-monthly care for aquariums at our law office and our home. He began by meeting with us to describe options, determine our desires and budget, and provide a description of services he could provide. He then procured the aquarium, designed and built a custom stand for it, designed the filtration/aeration system and layout for the habitat. He delivered it all and installed everything. Once water was suitable for the fish, they were introduced.

Over the years Jason has worked for us, our system evolved from saltwater to freshwater, and moved from our office to our home. He handled everything except for the daily feeding, although he even provided pre-measured food portions for us to use.


HE CAME TO MY HOUSE AT 12 MIDNIGHT AND BROUGHT A HEAVY DUTY EXTENSION CORD so that the filter would continue to run. I don't know of anybody else who would have done that. He has always been interested in my fish and in helping with any problem that I have.

                    - Charlotte Ramsey  - West Columbia

Jason has been doing my inside gold fish pond for four years. I don't know what I would do without him. I have called him for sick fish, electricity off with filter, etc. etc., and he has NEVER failed to come or complained about coming. On one occasion, I called him at 12 MIDNIGHT because my filter in my pond had all of a sudden stopped running.





Jason has been servicing our 55 gallon aquarium and koi pond in our animal hospital lobby since 1997. Our clients always comment on how nice our lobby is with the aquariums and fish in the pond. Jason not only cleans the aquariums, but also on his own, changes the plants, rocks and even the fish to enhance the environment of the lobby. If for some reason we need to reach him outside of his scheduled visits, he always calls us back promptly or even comes by the clinic. We would highly recommend Jason for all your aquarium needs. 

Jason arrives at the clinic with all his equipment in the midst of a lobby full of people and their animals. He is always considerate of everyone and will even wait patiently until the area is clear for him to perform his aquarium duties. Since he has been with the clinic for such a long time, most of the clients know him by his name and engage him in conversation while cleaning the aquariums.

I truly feel that if we did not have Jason to take care of the aquarium and koi pond, we would not have them.

If you choose to use Jason, you will not be disappointed.

​                                                                                                - Bryce Anderson - Sunset Animal Clinic     







 Jason Landers has been taking care of our fish for many years now and we have always been pleased with his work and his professionalism! He is very courteous, respectful, and pleasant to deal with. We really appreciate his efforts to keep our tank beautiful since it is quite the center piece for our clients and their kids in the reception area. We even had babies...fish that is. From our experience here at Dutch Fork Animal Hospital, Jason Landers and his company would be an advisable choice for your aquarium care!


                                                                                - Claude Shumpert - Dutch Fork animal Hospital.


     I would just like to say that Jason is great at his job. I am not very knowledgeable of many animals especially aquatic ones, but any time I ask Jason a question he has the answer.  He is very personable and I have seen him interact with children as well as the elderly and he makes everyone smile; he makes you want to learn more about fish. Families compliment our fish tanks every time they walk into our facility and I gladly let them know that “Jason did it!”…in my exact wording. I would recommend him and his services to anyone that asks me as I already have.
                                                                       - Rachel Trapp - Director of Activities  - Harbor Chase of Columbia


NOTE:  Due to new simmilarly named aquarium services popping up lately such as "The Fish Man", and "The Fish Guy", our company "THAT FISH GUY" was forced to change the name to AQUARIUMS FOR LIFE!  We love the new name and we hope you do as well!  Call us up!  803-730-3232.