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Long term care

Short term care



If you want to simply enjoy your aquarium without ever having to worry about the time and effort they require then long term aquarium maintenance is for you.  Your aquarium will always look great for you to enjoy thanks to our cleaning service.  Long term care includes anytime emergency service visits in case of unforeseen problems that may arise.  We are just a phone call away.

Short term care is for those that can not take care of their aquarium temporarily for any reason.

Vacations, business trips, or any time there is no one around to properly care for your aquarium.  We are ready to put your mind at ease about your fishy friends while you are away.

If you have never had an aquarium or need advice on what and where to buy equipment and supplies, We offer consultations on or off site.  We'll advise you on where the best location would be in your office or home, what to expect after your aquarium is up and running, and what is required to keep an aquarium happy and healthy.  We can also suggest the types of fish that do well in aquariums.

Take advantage of 24 years of experience.  We offer hands on aquarium maintenance instruction to teach you how to care for your aquarium yourself.  Water changes and gravel vacuuming, filter and other equipment maintenance and everything else that is required to keep fish happy and healthy will be covered.  Our 16 page instruction booklet on how to care for aquariums will be included.

Initial Set ups

If you just need someone to purchase, deliver, and set up a new aquarium and get it running correctly We would be happy to do this for you.  We don't raise the prices on aquariums, stands, or any equipment.  You pay what we pay and we try our best to get the very best deals out there to keep costs to a minimum.  Are you moving?  We can break down your aquarium, move it to a new location and set it back up for you.  Any new set up or relocation will include advice on how to continue to keep your aquarium healthy and beautiful if you want to do it yourself.

​Aquarium leasing

This is just what it sounds like.  If you do not want to commit to purchasing a whole new tank and all the equipment or don't know what to buy,​ we will bring one of ours to you!  This requires at least a 12 month maintenance agreement.  If we don't have the size you want - we'll buy it specifically for your aquarium lease with absolutely no up front cost to you.


Each aquarium and situation is unique, therefore we can give you an accurate estimate after we assess​ your particular set up or plans for a new aquarium.  Monthly fees can vary depending on the size, whether it is freshwater or saltwater, and just the general set up.  We are sure once you see our dedication to the appearance of your tank over time and the health of your fish, you can rest assured that our fees are well worth the investment.

​Purchasing and delivery

If you simply need a tank purchased and delivered we would be happy to do this for you.  We never mark up items that we buy for clients.  You pay what we pay.  Or, if you already have a tank and it needs to be moved to another location please contact us for details.  Any aquarium size up to 125 gallons (with stand) can be moved.  Any fish you have that needs moving will be carefully relocated to the new location in a way that ensures the least amount of stress caused to the fish... and to you.  We have temporary holding tanks for your fish if needed.





NOTE:  Due to new simmilarly named aquarium services popping up lately such as "The Fish Man", and "The Fish Guy", our company "THAT FISH GUY" was forced to change the name to AQUARIUMS FOR LIFE!  We love the new name and we hope you do as well!  Call us!  803-730-3232.