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Hello.  I'm Jason Landers, owner and operator of Aquariums For Life! Aquarium Maintenance Service.  I've always been fascinated by all types of animals ever since I can remember.  Catching bugs and lizards and things around the yard as a child are great memories for me.  I've had just about every pet you can think of at one point or another and even some you can't.  By the time I was in high school I was collecting, buying, selling, and trading all types of reptiles and amphibians.  I ended up owning a good many aquariums since they were perfect for keeping snakes and such.  I then went to college in Charleston so I had to regretfully sell my reptile collection.  When I moved back to Columbia I still had all those empty aquariums that I used to keep snakes in. 

On a whim in 1992, I thought it might be nice to throw a couple fish in one of the smaller tanks for the apartment I was living in. So that is what I did not knowing anything about the hobby or how to care for fish.  I made a lot of mistakes as most beginners do, but I kept at it and learned fast.  Needless to say, that first little 10 gallon tank and a fancy goldfish were what started my 23 year addiction to the hobby.  Over the next few years, getting bigger and bigger tanks, and bigger and bigger fish were my goals.  The more I learned the more time I wanted to  spend on the aquarium hobby.

















NOTE:  Due to new simmilarly named aquarium services popping up lately such as "The Fish Man", and "The Fish Guy", our company "THAT FISH GUY" was forced to change the name to AQUARIUMS FOR LIFE!  We love the new name and we hope you do as well!  Call us!  803-730-3232.


I was working at Sunset Animal Clinic in 1997 and naturally part of my job was to care for the pond and aquarium they have in their lobby.  When I finally left Sunset I made them an offer to continue to take care of the lobby pond and aquarium.  They took it and I still take care of them to this day.  That one job is what started my business and it grew only via word of mouth for a long time.  At the present time I have 6 or so aquariums of various sizes in my home.  The biggest of which is a 6 feet long and 2 feet high 180 gallon tank. 


Aquariums For Life! Aquarium Maintenance Service continues to expand, so please take advantage of our services so your fish will be happy and healthy!  Remember, there is a big difference between surviving and thriving! 


If you or your friends ever hear of someone needing a fish tank cleaning service such as this please send them my way.  We would even be willing to pay a finder's fee to anyone that hooks us up with new long term clients.  Call us up!