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Aquariums For Life! is a full service aquarium maintenance business here in Columbia, South Carolina.  We have over 24 years of experience in the aquarium hobby and industry.  We would be more than happy to take care of all your aquarium, fish tank, or small pond needs.  We have the very lowest initial and long term maintenance fees in the state for the services we provide!  You can rest assured that you will be getting the best deal out there!  We generously go the extra mile for our customers to make sure that you get what you pay for plus more!  We offer new aquarium set ups, equipment maintenance, cleaning, relocation, consultation, education, and more! 
There is only one original Aquariums For Life! Aquarium Maintenance Service so please feel free to call us now!
Jason Landers - owner/operator
Why should you pick Aquariums For Life services to set
up and/or take care of your aquarium?
 - 24 years of aquarium and small pond experience.
 - Totally free estimates.  We come to your location, assess your set up, and then give you a quote for monthly service or just "as needed" service if you prefer.  We also can test your water quality for free to see if it needs anything.  Free advice is available when we are on site even if you do not take advantage of our services.
ith a long term maintenance agreement you do not have to pay a dime to get a full aquarium set up in your office or home for free! - Aquarium Leasing.  W
 - Lowest inital and long term rates in the state.  You will not be overcharged or suprised by high prices!
 - Absolutley no mark up on tanks or equipment... ever.  You pay what we pay for anything and everything that is needed and we always try very hard to get the best deals locally and online to save you much more money than buying everything at a pet store.
 - Flat monthly payments for long term care.  Essential chemicals and consumable supplies are included!  Always know exactly what you will be paying each month instead of unpredictable hourly rates.
24 hour, 7 days a week with long term care.  Emergencies are rare, but if one happens we will come to you at anytime to fix any unexpected problems. - FREE emergency service
 - Aquatic scenery exchange service - When your plants and any other decorations ever have algae growing on them and start looking bad, we periodically replace the whole aquatic scene in your aquarium.  We do not just throw in a few mismatched plants and call it a day.  Jason Landers is well known for his beautiful, artistic, natural-looking scenery.  Everything in your aquarium will always be clean, algae free, and beautiful for you to enjoy.  This service is free with our long term care agreement.
 - Fish food service - We bring our clients the required fish food in individual daily containers so there is never any guesswork for how much to feed them.  This way your fish are never harmed due to over feeding.
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Get an aquarium purchased, delivered, set up and running for absolutely FREE with maintenance agreement!  No long contracts.  This deal may not last!

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Aquariums are a very beautiful and functional addition to any office or home.  There are few things more relaxing than simply sitting down and watching peaceful, colorful fish swim effortlessly back and forth in an aquarium.   Watching fish swim has long been clinically proven to lower high blood pressure and lower overall stress levels.​
If you have a waiting room at your office, an aquarium is so perfect!  Kids as well as seniors LOVE them.  They will make your clients less impatient and can calm them down if they are in stressful situations.


A little bit about us...

Aquariums For Life! Aquarium Maintenance Service has been in business here in Columbia SC since 1997.  It's been 19 great years.  We are always taking on new clients.  We also have the very best references around and are available for the asking.  If you want an aquarium or already have one that you'd like us to set up, move, do a one-time cleaning, or take care of long or short term, please call us anytime for more information!
Look on the "Services" page for more information about the different services we provide. 
​​What people are saying about Aquariums For Life... 
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​"Jason has been doing my inside gold fish pond for four years. I don't know what I would do without him."
                                                      - Charlotte Ramsey
"Jason has been servicing our 55 gallon aquarium and koi pond in our animal hospital lobby since 1997.  We would highly recommend Jason for all your aquarium needs.  If you choose to use Aquariums For Life you will not be disappointed."
                    - Bryce Anderson - Sunset Animal Clinic
"He (Jason) is very courteous, respectful, and pleasant to deal with. We really appreciate his efforts to keep our tank beautiful..."
    -Dr Claude Shumpert - Dutch Fork animal Hospital.








Note:  Due to new simmilarly named aquarium services popping up lately such as "The Fish Man", and "The Fish Guy", our company, formerly named  "THAT FISH GUY", was forced to change the name.  Our new business name is AQUARIUMS FOR LIFE!  We love the new name and we hope you do as well!  Call us!  803-730-3232.
"I very highly recommend Jason Landers, "Aquariums For Life!"  We look forward to many more years of enjoying his artistic & fish-centered work." 
                                                                    - Jay Clingman



 "I would just like to say that Jason is great at his job. He is very personable and I have seen him interact with children as well as the elderly and he makes everyone smile…  I would recommend him and his services to anyone that asks me as I already have."
- Rachel Trapp - Director of Activities - Harbor Chase of Columbia